Registration data for PSXSeeconTraffic

PSXseeconTraffic users can find registration data for their installed liveries below in order to improve the matching of real live traffic with your installed liveries.

You can add the registrations in the Registrations column to the ATC_ID= line in the fltsim.x section of the aircraft.cfg file of the affected type. Please keep all registrations on one line.

Note that this will as well help to separate Freighters from PAX versions, should the airline use the same ICAO code. Another benefit is that the matching rate will increase when the callsign is not recognised.

New data will be added on a regular basis. The data is taken from

Please do not forget to run vmrgenerator afterwards to create a new AI liveries file to be used by PSXseeconTraffic.

You can find Nico Kaan's PSXseeconTraffic and VMRgenerator here:

You can search for either an Airline, ICAO code, Country, Simobjects type or Registration.

The latest changes appear on top. You can use the buttons to refine the search for either an Airline, Country, ICAO code, IATA code or Simbobjects type

The database is maintained by Brian van Hout and Arjen ter Avest.

Search Results

Airline Callsign Country ICAO IATA Simobjects
A20N (CFM)
Comments: A320-251N
Updated: 03-01-2018